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22 Feb

2012 Best Baseball Bat Recommendations

Here are my reviews and recommendations of the best youth, senior and BBCOR 2012 baseball bats. Everything is sorted by the composition of the bat and the price. I believe this simplifies a complex decision making it easier to pinpoint the bat that’s right for you.

My Baseball Bat Recommendations for the 2012 model year are:


High Cost Recommendation:

Easton 2012 BB11S1 S1 (-3) BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

Easton 2012 BB11X1 XL1 (-3) BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

  • 2012 Power Brigade S1 or XL1:
    First here’s the difference, the SL1 has a low MOI (claims to be the lowest on the market) and balanced design. The XL1 has a higher MOI, is slightly end-loaded and has a longer barrel. Otherwise they are made with the same material and design. Choose the XL1 if you’re a power hitter and the SL1 if not. These are two-Piece bats with flex handles made from Easton’s new IMXTM composite material. Easton has always been the leader in composite bats and the 2012 model year is no exception. The Adult -3 model retails for $399.

Low Cost Recommendation:

  • 2012 Easton Omen
    A two-piece bat made of 100% composite material with a stiff handle (95). It’s made with Easton’s older IMX composite and is slightly end loaded (MOI rating of 80). It was the first approved BBCOR composite bat on the market but Easton quickly came out with, and focused on, the Power Brigade bats. This bat is very similar to the Easton Speeds, but made to BBCOR specifications. This design has been extremely popular bat for experienced players at every level. The Adult -3 retails for $249 or lower which is a great price for a 100% composite bat!


High Cost Recommendation:

  • ­2012 Demarini Voodoo
    A two-piece, single wall hybrid baseball bat with a flex handle and a balanced design. The handle is made with Demarini’s new TR3 Strut composite material and the barrel with their SC4 alloy. This is a quality bat with a proven reputation at every level. It is the bat of choice for most college players whose team uses Demarini bats. The Adult -3 retails for $299

Low Cost Recommendation:

  • ­2012 Easton Surge BBCOR
    Another very good choice. What I like about this bat is that you can buy it with either a flex or stiff handle design. This two-piece bat, with Easton’s older IMX composite handle and newer THT 100 alloy barrel and a low MOI rating of 70. Essentially, it’s the old SV12 with a new alloy barrel. The lower MOI (swing weight) makes it popular with less experienced players and singles hitters. Since Easton is now focusing on the Power Brigade bats you can get the Adult -3 model for as low as $149!


High Cost Recommendation:

  • 2012 Demarini M2M
    The BBCOR certified M2M is a two-piece 100% alloy bat with a balanced design and STIFF handle. That’s right folks, a Demarini bat with a stiff handle. It is made with Demarini’s top tier SC4 Alloy. It’s still relatively new and you won’t see too many players with it in their hands. The Adult -3 model retails for $249 making it pricey for an alloy bat.

Low Cost Recommendation:

  • ­2012 Louisville Omaha
    This has been a solid and popular bat with a long and trusted reputation for over a decade. The new BBCOR, like its predecessors, is a one-piece bat with a stiff handle, balanced design and their classic ST+20 Alloy. You can’t go wrong with this bat if you desire a 100% alloy bat. It’s a favorite among college teams that use Louisville bats. Which either says something about this bat, or their lack of confidence in Louisville’s hybrid and composite bats. The Adult -3 model can be found for as low as $149. This is as low as it gets for a quality alloy bat.

Best of luck with your decision and keep swinging for the fences. You can check out all of my bat reviews by manufacturer by clicking the links on the right side of the page. For information on bat standards by league click here.

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