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20 Feb

2012 Demarini Bats

The 2012 Demarini BBCOR baseball bats have a similar look to 2011, with the addition of a lower tier alloy model (Versus) and exclusion of a lower tier composite model (Vendetta). While they are sticking to their bread and butter, a two-piece baseball bats with a flex handle and their “half and half” technology, they have started expanding their reach into the alloy market and exploring different technology.

Demarini has been a major player in the baseball bat industry for years and makes quality bats. The only thing I don’t like about their bats is the overlapping seam connecting the handle and barrel. I much prefer a seamless connection on a baseball bat. I believe 2012 is going to be a make or break year for Demarini as there are some new, highly competitive, manufacturers looking to gain share. Demarini on the other hand doesn’t have much that is new or exciting.

Take a look at my recommendations by category and cost, and here’s a look at the 2012 Demarini bats:

2012 CF5
The change to make the CF5 BBCOR compliant is Demarini’s new “Tri Strut TR3 composite material”; otherwise it’s the same design as the CF4 & CF3. They’re pushing the limits of believability with the Tri Strut claiming it “imitates the structure of crystals which are one of the strongest and most stable compounds on Earth”.  It’s a double wall, 100% composite two-piece bat with a flex handle and light swing weight (MOI). Most college players (who’s team swings Demarini) stayed away from the CF5 due to its light (or too light) swing weight. Also, many prefer a single wall bat. It is not my choice in the top tier 100% composite category. The Adult -3 model retails for $399.99

2012 Voodoo
The Voodoo is a hybrid two-piece, single wall hybrid bat with a flex handle and slightly end-loaded design. The handle is made with Demarini’s new TR3 Strut composite material and the barrel with their SC4 alloy. It is by far Demarini’s most popular bat and their top tier hybrid bat. It is my choice for those looking for a top tier hybrid bat. Most College teams swinging Demarini, such as Arizona State, use the Voodoo much more than any other Demarini bat. The Adult -3 retails for $299.99 putting it in line with the other top tier hybrid bats.

2012 Vexxum
The old standby Vexxum is still going in 2012. It’s a two-piece hybrid bat with a balanced design and flex handle. It’s made with Demarini’s older C6 composite in the handle and their SC4 alloy in the barrel. The main difference between this and the Voodoo is the composite material in the handle. It is a good choice for those looking for a low cost hybrid bat with a solid reputation. The Adult -3 retails for $199.99

2012 M2M
The M2M is a relatively new entry to the Demarini line-up. It is a single wall 100% alloy, two-piece bat with a flex handle and balanced design. It is Demarini’s only half and half bat with an alloy handle and alloy barrel. Both of which are made with their SC4 alloy.  This bat has very good pop and is my choice in the top tier 100% alloy category. The Adult -3 model retails for $249.99

2012 Demarini BBCOR Versus
The Versus offers a different approach to baseball bats for Demarini. First, it is a 100% alloy bat which, other than the M2M, is unique. Second, it is their only bat that does not use their half & half technology. Third, it is slightly end-loaded. Fourth, it has a stiff handle which means pigs might be flying soon! It is a single wall bat made with their SC4 alloy. The same alloy found in the barrel of the Voodoo, Vexxum and M2M. A decent bat but I’d recommend the Louisville Omaha in this category. The Adult -3 model retails for $199.99

Check this out for more information on rules and regulations.

Here’s a Demarini video:

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