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24 Aug

2012 Little League World Series (LLWS) Baseball Bats

Many have been watching the 2012 Little League World Series and have been wondering what bat models are being used. Here’s a brief explanation as to what is going on.

First you need to know Easton is the Official Team Equipment Supplier at the 2012 LLWS, hence you’re seeing Easton being used almost exclusively. They’re having every player experience their HIT LAB which, they claim, features an interactive batting system that uses swing “analytics” to custom fit players’ swings to the “correct” model. Participants will receive feedback and statistics based on their swing, helping them choose the right bat for unique swing characteristics. This is the same technology Easton utilizes for their NCAA Division I teams. Since this is the first time Easton’s new Power Brigade will be swung in the LLWS they are pushing each player to either the S1 or XL1 model with the HIT LAB. So these are just about the only models you’ll see being used. The 1’s are their 100% composite bats.

What is confusing people is that some of the bats have a yellow barrel. We know the 2012 S1 has a black and the XL1 a gray barrel, so what’s the yellow bat? Here’s your answer: The yellow barrel bats are the new 2013 Easton XL series. They are scheduled to be released to the public on November 15, 2012. I’ll assume the S1 being used is also the new 2013 model but the barrel color remains black. As with their 2012 models the 2013’s will also be available in Easton BBCOR.

For more information on Easton’s Power Brigade bats click here, or take a look at Easton’s Little League hit lab video below.

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