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12 Mar

2013 Youth and BBCOR Baseball Bats

There are going to be few 2013 Youth and BBCOR baseball bats on the market during the normal spring release season. The main reason is due to the BBCOR standard being implemented in 2012. The manufactures had to scramble to get their bats compliant and, hence, had to offer new 2012 models in the middle of the year.  It didn’t make sense to come out with another model a few months later. Most will get their 2013 models on shelves in late summer early fall. Here are the few exc


2013 Easton Youth and BBCOR Bat Reviews
Easton launched their new Power Brigade Series in the middle of the year so the youth S4 is their only 2012 baseball bat. And… you’ll see Easton S1 and XL1 bats being the exclusive bat swung at the 2012 Little League World Series. Easton is the equipment supplier to the LLWS.

2013 Easton S4

Easton added a 2013 model to the Power Brigade BBCOR lineup, the S4 baseball bat. The S4 is unique from the other Power Brigade models in two ways. First, it has a 2 1/2″ diameter barrel which is slightly smaller than the typical 2 5/8″ big barrel bat. Second, the smaller diameter means less weight giving the S4 the lightest swing weight (MOI) of any Easton big barrel model. This is a one-piece, 100% aluminum bat using Easton’s THT100 alloy. The Adult -3 model retails for $199.95

2013 Demarini Youth and BBCOR Bat Reviews
Demarini’s is using the same bat designs in 2013 that they’ve been using in the recent past. The change for 2013 is a change to their TR3 composite material and a new alloy material. They claim the new X10 alloy “was designed with a proprietary blend of alloy agents creating an aluminum with the most optimal strength possible”, and “is so strong, it allows them to adhere to BBCOR or any other standard while still making the thinnest, lightest, and strongest bats

possible.”  Here’s Demarini’s 2013 baseball bat line-up:

2013 Demarini CF5

A 100% composite, double wall, baseball bat with a flex handle and low swing weight (MOI). This bat is made with Demarini’s TR3 F.L.O. composite and uses their long running half and half technology. The Adult -3 model retails for $399.99.
The change for 2013  is the TR3 F.L.O. (Fuse Layer Optimized) composite. It seems to be a slight change from their introduction of the “Tri Strut TR3″ material last year. The basic design employes Demarini’s half and half technology and is the same design as the CF4 & CF3.  It’s a double wall, 100% composite two-piece bat with a flex handle and light swing weight (MOI). College players on teams swinging Demarini bats tend to stay away from the CF5  due to its light (or too light) swing weight. Also, many prefer a single wall bat and feel double walls deaden the pop. Because of this I do no recommend this bat in the top tier 100% composite category. The Adult -3 model retails for $399.99

2013 Demarini Voodoo

The 2013 Demarini Voodoo is a hybrid two-piece, single wall baseball bat with a flex handle and slightly end-loaded design. The handle is made with Demarini’s TR3 F.L.O composite material and the barrel with their new X10 alloy. It is by far Demarini’s most popular bat and their top tier hybrid bat. It is my choice for those looking for a top tier hybrid bat. If you watch college teams that swing Demarini bats, such as Arizona State, you’ll see that the majority of players swing the Voodoo. To me that says it all, if the top college players are choosing the Voodoo over the CF5 so should you. The Adult -3 retails for $299.99 putting it in line with the other top tier hybrid bats.

2013 Demarini Vexxum 

The Vexxum is the bat that put Demarini on the map and is still going strong in 2013. It’s a two-piece hybrid bat with a balanced design and flex handle. It’s made with Demarini’s older C6 composite in the handle and their new X10 alloy in the barrel. The main difference between this and the Voodoo is the composite material in the handle and the balanced design. It is a excellent choice for players looking for a quality bat at a reasonable cost. The Adult -3 retails for $199.99

2013 Demarini M2M

The M2M is the baby of the the Demarini line-up. It is a single wall 100% alloy, two-piece bat with a flex handle,  balanced design and long barrel. It is Demarini’s only half and half bat with an alloy handle and alloy barrel. Both of which are made with their new X10 alloy. The M2M’s big difference from it’s Demarini siblings is that it has a stiff handle. This bat has very good pop and is my choice in the top tier 100% alloy category. The Adult -3 model retails for $249.99

2013 Combat Youth and BBCOR Bat Reviews
Combat has been asleep at the wheel for several years and the 2013 model year is no exception. For 2013 all they’ve done is add an Adult BBCOR model the current line-up and bring back a revamped older model. Here’s what’s going on.

2013 Combat B4
The B4 was available as a youth only model last year. The change for 2013 is that it’s now available in an Adult BBCOR model. As I’ve stated in the past, Combat is almost non-existent outside of youth (12U) baseball. It’s to the point where it is embarrassing for a high school player to be swinging their bat. The B4 is a single wall one-piece bat with a claimed “longer barrel”, low MOI and stiff handle. It also claims a “seamless construction” meaning no cuts or splices. In their 2012 description they claimed it’s made from the same Aramid fibers “found in bulletproof vests”. Seems like they finally realized this was a moronic statement and it was removed. The Adult -3 BBCOR model retails for $369.  An adequate choice in youth models but stay away from the Adult BBCOR or you’ll feel like an outcast. Go Louisville if you like a one-piece bat with a stiff handle.

2013 Combat B2 Reloaded
The B2 has been “reloaded” since Combat can’t figure out what else to do. It is only available in youth models. They claim it has improvements in durability and a sweet spot. The main feature is a “super-light” swing weight (MOI) and reduced sting effect. It’s a one-piece 100% composite design with a stiff handle and the same “seamless construction” as the B4.  The Youth model retails for $199. Same recommendation as above.

Learn more about Youth bat rules and the BBCOR standard here.


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3 Responses to “2013 Youth and BBCOR Baseball Bats”

  1. 1
    Stephen S Says:

    Trying to find a bbcor bat for my son. He is 5’4″ 115 lbs moving to the big field this year. Mostly a line drive hitter. I have been looking at bats in the 31″ 28 oz size range. It seems there are 2013 bats coming out, any reason to think they are superior to the 2012? I found a 2012 voodoo for a reasonable price (under $200), versus the new ones. The handle on the 2012 is composite handle with an aluminum barrel, the 2013 has a steel handle with aluminum barrel. Any reason to think one material on the handle is better than the other? I see you rated the 2012 version high. Any help or thoughts aprreciated.

  2. 2
    Jeff Says:

    My 2 cents. 31″ bat is too long. I would start him at 30 he seems a bit small for a 31″ bat. This is my sons second year with BBCOR and I have learned that bat speed is EVERYTHING with BBCOR. My son has used the CF5, Marucci Cat5 2 and VooDoo. The Marucci is far and away the best BBCOR on market. We are Demarini fans and I was so disappointed with the 2012 models I had to find something different. Thats my 2 cent. Hope it helps!

  3. 3
    Ryan Says:

    I would go with a 31″ or a 32″. My son is turning 13 in October and is moving up next year as well. I coach high school baseball and as Jeff said, bat speed is everything, but for a rotational hitter its quicker hands that make bat speed. I would have someone watch him swing and see if he is a rotational or linear hitter. Rotational you can up the length, linear and you would drop length. Some of our players have even gone to wooden bats because the BBCOR’s have no pop to them.

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