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22 Sep

2013 Demarini CF5 Review

This review is for the 2013 Demarini CF5 baseball bat that is available in youth, senior and BBCOR models. It is a 100% composite, double wall, flex handle bat utilizing their half and half technology and a low swing weight (MOI). The design is the same since it was launched as the CF3.

The 2012 model claims it has their lowest swing weight ever. It always was low, and it’s interesting that their making this claim for a few reasons. First Louisville now claims the 2013 Exogrid has the lowest swing weight of any BBCOR 2 5/8″ bat, so someone is not telling the truth. Second, many college players stay away from the CF5 because of the low swing weight among other reasons. The new model is made with their new TR3 F.L.O. (fused layer optimized) composite that claims to make it stronger and lighter. This after the introduction of “Tri Strut TR3″ material last year which claimed to “imitate the structure of crystals which are one of the strongest and most stable compounds on Earth”. So I’m skeptical to say the least.

So why has the CF5 never caught on in college baseball?  As stated, the low swing weight is a problem. College players are experienced and prefer balanced or end-loaded bats. Next many players at most levels prefer single wall bats. They feel that double wall designs deaden the exit speed of the ball. Plus they’re not crazy about flex handles. Put them all together and you’ll see why college players stay away from the CF5. Take a look at any team swinging Louisville (Tennessee, LSU, Arizona State) and the vast majority are using the Voodoo. Now if experienced baseball players are staying away from a free CF5 why would you pay up to $400 for it? There are much better 100% composite options available. If you love the half and half technology go with the Voodoo!

The BBCOR model retails for $399.99, the Senior League for $299.99 and the Youth for $249.00

Here’s their CF5 video:



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