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20 Sep

2015 Easton Mako Torq Baseball Bat

2015 Easton Mako Torq

There’s no doubt that Easton is the leader in the industry by constantly coming up with new technology (that may or may not be a hoax). The new model year is no different with their latest release the 2015 MAKO TORQ. But be aware, this is their high end bat and you’ll pay for this “new” technology (real or not).

The review of this baseball bat is relatively easy because it has the exact same design as the returning, lower priced, Mako Comp. It’s a two-piece bat using Easton’s standard conneXion design made with their 100% THT Thermo Composite material. The only difference is the handle, which “twists” and adds an additional $100 to the price.

The MAKO TORQ claims to combine power with a new twist (pun intended): a 360 Degree TORQ Handle. This never before seen handle claims to rotate to promote a fully extended swing, with the top palm facing up, and the bottom palm facing down (this is the text book technique for a good swing). By allowing the wrists to move freely, the Easton says that the barrel will get to the zone faster and keeps it in the zone longer.

My opinion is the Mako bats are very popular and are the top two-piece composite bats, but… you should only consider the Torq if  you are a very good hitter. If so, it could give you a slight advantage. If your the average or below average player you’ve got a lot more to worry about than if your bat handle rotates.

The Easton MAKO TORQ is available in Adult BBCOR $549.99, Senior $449.99, and Youth $349.99 models.

Check out the Mako Torq video:

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