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27 Sep

2015 Louisville Slugger Prime 915 Baseball Bat

2015 Louisville Prime 915


It’s time to review the Louisville Slugger Prime 915, a 100% composite three-piece baseball bat with a stiff handle design and “relatively” balanced design. It is constructed with Louisville’s TRU3 connection technology that is supposed to strengthen the link between the barrel and handle of this bat to provide a “better feel and dramatically reduced vibration.” Yes their still trying to push the 3-piece technology as better then 2-piece even though it has failed miserable in the past (anyone remember the Triton).

The Prime 915 is very similar, if not identical to, the 2014 Louisville Attack bats. They’re claiming the the there’s improved durability to the Tru3 connective piece when compared to the 2014 Attack. This is something to consider as you can pick up an Attack for a lot less money.

I’ll sum up this review easily. If you want a Louisville bat stay with their tried and true design and successful bats, a one piece design with a stiff handle. Folks, this means the Omaha… a reasonable priced but that is the preferred choice of college teams swinging Louisville Slugger bats. Louisville has tried for years to come out with “cool and innovative” designs to match Easton with little success.

In my opinion the Prime 915 is recommended for any one who wants to say “look, I’ve got a three-piece bat”.

The Prime 915 comes in Adult BBCOR -3 $399.99,  Senior -10 $299.99 , and Youth – 12 $199.99

Here’s the Prime 915 video:

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One Response to “2015 Louisville Slugger Prime 915 Baseball Bat”

  1. 1
    Steve S. Says:

    Zero Stars for Team Louisville Slugger.
    Here is my story
    In April this year I purchased a Prime 915.
    Had to order it from the Dick’s in Bee Cave TX
    4/8/15 Order #3073954988
    When it arrived my 14U son said it didn’t feel right.
    Friends looked it over it’s probably made that way.
    Note…you could twist the barrel and it felt like something
    was loose as you make contact.
    I keep an eye out for another Prime 915.
    2-3 weeks later a 16U had one at practice.
    His barrel did not twist. The bat did not or feel funny when swinging.
    5/19 I called Customer Service….voice mailbox full.
    5/29 I receive an email from LS bat is defective use RA #60494853
    When I take the return package to Fed EX it does NOT
    include shipping!
    $400 bat is defective and I have to pay to ship it???
    I call 1800 282-BATS and get a person.
    “We don’t pay for return shipping”
    May I speak to a supervisor.
    No supervisor is available.
    Please have one call me and please expedite shipping to me,
    I will give the info to the supervisor.
    Thank you.
    June 2 I receive a Prime 916 the 2106 model.
    I give it to my son.
    He does BP twice.
    Saurday 6/6 We head to Franklin TX for the Perfect Game.
    My son leaves that warm up batting cages to talk to me.
    “It’s defective the barrel twists”
    Sure enough one palm on the barrel, one on the handle twist lightly
    It twists about 1/8 inch.
    There was no paper work with the bat.
    I could not access the website and register the bat.
    I called customer service no less than 6 times…
    got the voicemail box full recording every time.
    I backdoor to Larry by using a non warranty phone option.
    He patiently listens and gives me a supervisors supervisors vmail.
    Thank you Larry. You were concerned and upset.
    That was 24 hrs ago and my 4th attempt to reach a supervisor.
    The GM at Dick’s is being very helpful.
    That is where I am off to right now to buy an Easton Mako.
    I WILL be talking to somebody at Hillerich and Bradsby or Wilson.

    Today is 6/9…I made 2 other requests for a supervisor

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