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27 Sep

2015 Louisville Slugger Prime 915 Baseball Bat

  It’s time to review the Louisville Slugger Prime 915, a 100% composite three-piece baseball bat with a stiff handle design and “relatively” balanced design. It is constructed with Louisville’s TRU3 connection technology that is supposed to strengthen the link between the barrel and handle of this bat to provide a “better feel and dramatically […]

20 Sep

2013 Louisville Slugger TPX Exogrid 3

The Exogrid has been Louisville’s best selling bat for the last six years, and in 2013 they have introduced the Exogrid 3. It is a hybrid baseball bat that uses an internal carbon composite sleeve in the handle. That LS-2X composite sleeve makes the bat lighter and makes the handle extremely stiff. That’s saying a […]

17 Sep

2013 Louisville Slugger Bats and Reviews

The Louisville name is synonymous with baseball bats and in reviews it’s impossible to separate them. Unfortunately they’ve been fighting an uphill battle in the industry to regain the top spot in the industry. The problem has been in the 100% composite category where they have failed to manufacture a bat that has caught on. […]

21 Feb

2012 Louisville Slugger BBCOR Baseball Bats

Louisville has a long and respected history in the baseball bat industry and was considered the holy grail of baseball bats. That distinction has long since faded and they are trying to catch up. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long recovery as they were slow to get out of the BBCOR bat gate. For […]

05 Jul

2011 Louisville Baseball Bats

Louisville has a long and respected history in the baseball bat industry, but they’ve falling behind in the composite and hybrid categories. They’re entries into these categories, now 3 years old, have not received a positive response. They are seldom seen at the high school or college level (when composite bats were legal in the […]

02 Nov

Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Comp Review

The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Comp is their second tier composite baseball bat (the Triton being their top composite bat). It is a one piece 100% composite bat with a stiff handle. Louisville is wise to offer a two tier composite baseball bat strategy, as the Omaha Comp should compete well against 100% alloy and […]

28 Oct

Louisville Slugger TPX EXOGRID SL9X5 Review

The Louisville Exogrid has been a popular baseball bat for the last three years. When introduced, it had a unique design that separated it from the pack. In the 2009 model year, with the reemergence of composite bats and introduction of hybrid technology, the Exogrid is no longer a novelty. Louisville is a strong proponent […]

23 Oct


Louisville has finally responded to Easton and Demarini’s multi-piece bat designs with the Louisville Slugger TPX Triton, a unique 3 piece bat. What I find amazing about this bat is the size of the barrel. This is the largest barrel I’ve ever seen on a baseball bat. My initial thought is this thing looks like […]

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