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10 Jul

Who’s Swinging What Baseball Bat in the 2012 College World Series?

The best way to know what baseball bat is hot is to know who’s swinging what in college baseball. Here’s a fun article from Baseball Express, Who’s swinging what in the 2012 College World Series All eyes will be on Omaha this weekend as the 2012 College World Series gets underway. The field is set, and […]

20 Feb

Marucci 33-inch Cat 5 baseball bat banned!

Marucci’s 33-inch Cat 5 bbcor baseball bat has been banned by the NCAA and NFHS: February 20, 2012. The 33-inch model of the 2011 Marucci Cat 5 Adult Baseball Bat has been decertified by both the NCAA and NFHS, and it will be illegal this season in college or high school baseball. The NCAA announced the […]

13 Feb

2012 Youth Baseball Bat Rules and BBCOR Standards

2012 Youth Baseball Bat Rules and BBCOR Standards Baseball leagues around the country have seen plenty of changes over the past year or so. Most have focused on BBCOR bats, but there are changes across the board. Citing safety concerns caused by the exit speeds of some composite bats, some leagues have banned composite-barreled baseball bats. […]

09 Sep

Composite Baseball Bats Banned!

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee’s recommendation to remove, at least temporarily, composite bats from NCAA competition. NOTE: This is a ban in college baseball only,  composite bats are still legal in High School down through T-ball for now. Also, hybrid bats are still legal in College baseball (bats […]

27 Feb

Moment of Inertia (MOI) and Swing Weight

  Moment of Inertia (MOI) governs how a bat feels and is a more meaningful measure of how well it will swing for you than the actual weight of the bat. Bat speed, not bat size nor weight, is the main factor in driving a ball. Bat speed is affected by a number of variables […]

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