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22 Aug

My Baseball Bat Recommendations by Category

Everyone has their own preferences and needs in a baseball bat based on experience, aspirations, material and financial considerations. I’ve sorted my recommendations based on the composition and price of the bat to simplify the process. I believe this makes it easier to pinpoint the bat that’s right for you.

First, I segmented my recommendations into the following categories based on the material:

  • Composite Bats
  • Hybrid Bats (composite handle, alloy barrel)
  • Alloy Bats

I then provided a high and low cost recommendation within each category. This breaks it down into neat, manageable areas that will help your decision.

My Baseball Bat Recommendations for the 2010 model year are:


100% Composite Bats

  • High Cost Recommendation

Easton/Synergy Speed: The difference between the two being the Stealth is a two-piece bat and the Synergy a one-piece bat. The Stealth comes with both a flex and stiff handle while the Synergy  comes only in a stiff handle. Both are made from the identical composite material. Which version you choose is simply a matter of preference. These are by far the most popular composite bats on the market from the youth to college level, and the Stealth Speed is more popular than the Synergy Speed. Most College teams have contracts with a manufacturer and their players must swing a bat made by that manufacturer. Many of the players on teams swinging Easton choose the Stealth and Synergy Speed composite bats. While teams swinging other manufacturer’s bats rarely choose that company’s composite model. Just keep in mind these bats are slightly end-loaded and may be a little more difficult for the inexperienced player to swing. The Adult -3 models retail for $399.

  • Low Cost Recommendation

­Louisville Dynasty Comp: Hands down the best option for those who must have a composite bat but don’t want to break the bank.  It’s hard to beat this bat at a retail price of $249 for the Adult -3 model. You get a 100% composite bat in a model that’s been around for several years and has a good reputation. It’s a one-piece composite bat with a stiff handle and balanced design.

­Combat B1: At $299 for the Adult -3 model Combat has FINALLY given players who loved the B1 in youth ball the opportunity to continue using it in a big barrel design. The B1 youth has a lot of avid fans and now there’s no reason not to continue using it in Middle and High School. It’s also a one-piece composite bat with a stiff handle and balanced design.

Hybrid Bats

  • High Cost Recommendation

­Demarini Voodoo Black: This is a quality bat with a proven reputation that has always had a reasonable price for a high end hybrid bat. It is a favorite among college teams that use Louisville bats. It’s a two-piece hybrid bat with a balanced design that retails for $299 (Adult -3).

­Easton SV12: Another very good choice. What I like about this bat, and Easton in general, is that you can buy it with the handle design you prefer as it comes in both a flex and stiff handle design. I believe the stiff handle design will become one of the most popular bats on the market. It’s a two-piece bat with a balanced design that retails for $299 (Adult -3).

  • Low Cost Recommendation

­Demarini Vexxum: Demarini owns the the low cost hybrid category and the Vexxum is the clear choice for those looking to purchase in this category. It’s a two-piece single wall bat with a flex handle and balanced design. It has the same SC4 alloy barrel as Demarini’s other hybrid bats (Voodoo and Vendetta) but the C6 composite handle is made from their older composite material. The Vexxum has been a quality bat for a long time and can’t be beat at a retail price of $199 for the Adult -3 model.

100% Alloy Bats

  • High Cost Recommendation

­Louisville TPX Omaha: The Omaha is a solid bat with a long and trusted reputation. It’s a one-piece bat with a stiff handle and a balanced design.  You can’t go wrong with this bat if you desire a 100% alloy bat. The Adult -3 model retails for $199.

­Easton V12: The V12 has Easton’s stiffest handle and lowest swing weight. Because of the very low swing weight this bat is a better option for the inexperienced player. If you’re experienced the Omaha is a better choice in this category. The V12 is a one-piece bat that retails for $199.

  • Low Cost Recommendation

­At this point you’re just looking for something to hit a ball with. Any alloy bat in the $129 – $169 range will fit your needs. If I had to choose I’d say the Easton Titan, a one-piece stiff handle bat would be the top of the class. But it retails for $169 (Adult -3) which is too close to the Omaha and V12.

Best of luck with your decision and keep swinging for the fences. You can check out all of my bat reviews by manufacturer by clicking the links on the right side of the page.

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23 Responses to “My Baseball Bat Recommendations by Category”

  1. 1
    DH Says:

    On the Combat B1, I think you are underestimating it. I saw it with mine own eyes on the All-Star circuit last season. And to me, the B1 was just as good in distance or better the Stealth or CF3. The ball jumped off the bat. The best team in our district that my son’s team played used the B1’s and there were missles being hit off that bat. I know the Stealths and CF3’s are good but the B1 is not too shabby. This is coming from observations under game conditions not testing conditions.

  2. 2
    Combat Baseball Bat Reviews | The Baseball Bat Reviews Blog Says:

    […] a look at My Baseball Bat Recommendations by Category for my recommendations in each bat category and price […]

  3. 3
    norm Says:

    I agree with your reviews of all your bats. Thank you for taking the time to put the new baseball bats inton true perspective. You are right on with your assessments. As a father who had to “pay” for my knowledge (3rd composite bat in as may years for my kid), I can tell you’ve had much more experience.
    People- Whoever this guy is that put this blog together, he has hit the “Consumer Reports” mark. Great job!

  4. 4
    TC Says:

    I agree with DH, the combats need another look. After seeing them all summer they seem to be doing better than the Stealth’s! Thanks for this great site, hope to see more info soon!

  5. 5
    Mason Says:

    even if you can afford the most expensive bat, sometimes the cheaper one is better, i have personally expeirenced this. My first year of modified (two years ago) my dad said make the team, i’ll buy you a stealth. Made the team, got the stealth. Then went to dicks saw a demarini vexxum on sale (2006 model)for $60. So we got it and i liked it better than my $300 stealth! So if you can, Go to babt wars and try the bats and save yourself from disappointment.

  6. 6
    Mason Says:

    Just went to bat wars and heres are the top 5 bats there!

    1. Louisville slugger triton- Monster barrel, super pop, all composite, although it is three pieces fused together it has the light feel and balance of a one piece, choose this over the 2010 stealths ($400)
    2. Miken Freak Stiff- another all compostite bat with a pretty good size barrel, great pop. ($325)

    3. Reebok Vector O- Surprising but yes, Reebok manged to pull it of, the ports in the bat make it feel lighter when you swing and the alloy used is all business, for $280 this is super affordable

    4. Nike Aero CX2- All composite 2 piece great pop, great distance tad bit top heavy but great over all bat

    5.Demarini voodoo black- wasn’t super impressed but it was still good bat but it didn’t give me like the “holy crap thats a bomb” effect like i got from the reebok( both the voodoo and reebok are hybrid bats)It is stiffer than most other demarini’s and haas pretty good pop ($300)

    Bat to avoid
    Louisville H2- not alot of pop, barrel seemed small, didn’t got very far compared to the other hybrid bats used. ($300) DON’T BUY

  7. 7
    Jordan Says:

    I think that all of these selections are correct accept for the hybrid high price section, where I think that the Louisville slugger h2 should replace the sv12. They are both good bats but the h2 is a bit better

  8. 8
    mike Says:

    Hi. What is the ‘benefit’ of a $200 bat, compared to a $50 bat? If both are PONY approved, have 2-1/4″ barrels and a 1.15 BPF rating, why choose one over another and if both are the same lenght and weight?
    I’m trying to make the best informed decision I can.

    Thank you for your help

  9. 9
    max Says:

    i was wondering which bat is a better buy. the easton rival -3. or the Louisville slugger Omaha -3 both are at 200 and stiff flex 100% aluminum or alloy and i just cant get a clear cut answer on which bat is better

  10. 10
    JD Says:

    A high end bat in general will usually perform better than a “cheaper” bat for several reasons, aside from just better/stronger materials. First, even though the weight may be the same it does not mean the swing weight is the same. Higher end bats tend to have better weight distribution and many times will feel lighter and kids can swing them faster than other bats. In addition to higher swing speeds, this different weight distribution many times allows the bat to have a thinner walls in the barrel which will allow for a higher trampoline effect and will make the ball go farther. A composite bat will actually propel the ball even farther on average, when it is fully broken in. A composite bats walls will compress more and more with use, thinning the walls while maintaing the same weight and strength. The 1.15 BPF rating is usually taken out of the wrapper and in the past has not accounted for this breaking in period over time, there is no way some of these composite bats would pass the test after break in. Seems crazy, but there is a huge difference between a top tier bat and an average bat when put in the hands of a strong kid with a good swing.

  11. 11
    marc Says:

    If you had to chose from the following youth bats which would you buy? It is for an 11 year old who is about 75 Lbs.

    Easton LV1
    Easton LST10
    Demarini F3 or
    Louisville Slugger Exogrip YB83X

  12. 12
    Juan Says:

    what you guy”s think about the easton omen?

  13. 13
    NZ Says:

    In our efforts to zero in on a new 32″ BBCOR bat, we’re putting an emphasis on even balance/weight distribution followed by pop, no or low sting & vibration. I’m unable to consider >$300 for a bat. With that in mind we’ve identified a number of bats (many discussed by you here) that we’re interested in. How would you rate the list below in terms of balance & pop?

    DeMarini – Voodoo
    Easton – Surge
    Marrucci – CAT 5
    Rawlings – 5150
    Rip It – Prototype
    Verdero – 718 MAX
    TPX – Omaha

    Lastly, living in New England are there any advantages for 1- piece non-composite vs. 2-piece composite?

  14. 14
    admin Says:

    I’d go with the Voodoo or Surge (assuming you want a two piece bat). The surge is has a balanced swing while the voodoo is slightly end-loaded.

  15. 15
    NZ Says:

    I cannot apologize for the “excessive” nature of our search/purchase efforts –
    I think we’ll order 3-4 bats for MOI-like “swing tests” not sure there’s much info to be gained from hitting tennis balls with the wrappers on. We plan on ordering
    DeMarini – Voodoo (is there much difference between the 2011 & 2012 models?), Easton – Surge, Marrucci – CAT 5 and either the RipIT or the Verdero. Will choose one bat from thsi lot and rsend back the others. Any other suggetsions?


  16. 16
    adam12 Says:

    i can’t decide between DemariniVexum or Easton Rival both -5 wich is more ballance and has more pop. your opinion will b appriciated

  17. 17
    admin Says:

    I’d go with the Vexum.

  18. 18
    TM Says:

    My son was looking at the 32 BBCOR bats.
    We were deciding between the Rip it protype 2 and the Easton Surge s2.
    The Easton s1 is total composite and not sure it is worth $399.00.
    What did your son decide out of the 5 bats he tried?

  19. 19
    Chad Says:

    Just bought my son a Easton s3 alloy try to find out if this is a good bat

  20. 20
    Ted Says:

    What do you recommend for big barrel youth bat ( 9 y/o) that needs USSSA stamp of approval on it. Cost not a factor.

  21. 21
    admin Says:

    If money is not an issue I’d go with the Easton Power Brigade bats, they have 3 choices…

    Easton 2012 SL11S110 S1 (-10) Senior League Baseball Bat

  22. 22
    simon Says:

    Hard to find a bat for my son, 12yrs, 5’7, 135 lb. which do you suggest?

  23. 23
    Ric Says:

    Trying to choose between Easton XL3 -5 at 31/26 and 2013 Louisville Slugger TPX Exogrid 3 -5. Do you have any input? Son is 14 and hits towering drives as well as ground balls through infield. Also has a 2012 Rip It prototype -3.

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