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14 Mar

2016 DeMarini CF8 Review

Demarini CF8



The DeMarini CF8 is almost identical to when the CF3 model was launched, therefore my review is going to be similar to my reviews in the past.
It is a 100% composite, double wall, flex handle bat utilizing their half and half technology and a low swing weight (MOI). The only difference they’re claiming is it’s made from their “premium Paradox +Plus Composite so it breaks in faster and is hot right out of the wrapper”.
As mentioned in the past, the majority of college players on teams swinging DeMarini stay away from the CF because of the low swing weight among other reasons. The low swing weight is great for speed but power is sacrificed, and most college players (or experienced players below this level) are looking for power. College players are experienced and prefer balanced or end-loaded bats. Next many players at most levels prefer single wall bats. The general feeling is double wall technology deadens the exit speed of the ball. Plus they prefer a stiff handle bat to the CF8 flex handle. Put them all together and that is why many college players stay away from the CF8 or its predecessors.
In the 2015 CWS DeMarini gave the entire LSU and Vanderbilt team’s custom DeMarini Vodoo FT bats, not their top tier CF bat. Now if DeMarini is not even giving experienced baseball players on CWS teams a free CF bat why would you pay up to $400 for it? There are much better 100% composite options available. If you love the half and half technology go with the Voodoo unless you are an inexperienced player who needs bat speed.
The Adult BBCOR model retails for $449.95, the Senior League for $349.959 and the Youth for $279.95

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