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05 Jul

2010 Demarini Baseball Bats

Demarini’s 2010 line-up of baseball bats includes some minor adjustments to their 2009 line. The new “buss word” for their 2010 models is Silver Trace technology which claims to be a unique blend of carbon combined with the “Silver Trace” technology. They say it is a bonding agent that adds strength to maximize power transfer to the barrel. I’d say it’s more hype than anything else but at least they’re trying to make it seem like there’s something new going on. The new CF4 is essentially the same as the CF3 with a slightly larger barrel and they’ve adding a new option in the low-priced composite category. They’ve also dropped the Vexxum which has been in their line-up for quite a long time. Don’t forget to check out the My Bat Recommendations section for my recommendations on bats segmented by material and price.

Here are the 2010 Demarini Baseball Bat Reviews:

Demarini 100% Composite Bats

  • Demarini CF4: According to Demarini the new CF4 Gold is their most technologically advanced baseball bat. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much change from the CF3. The handle is now “Pitch Black Plus” instead of just “Pitch Black” composite material and the aforementioned “Silver Trace” technology to the barrel. They say this adds 11% to the barrel length compared to the CF3 (so about an inch). It also has a redesigned end cap called “The Hub” that has a noticeably concave design. It’s a two-piece double wall composite bat with a flex handle and a very low swing weight, although Demarini does not supply any numbers. The odd thing about the CF4 or CF3 is that most college players do not use it. In the 2009 College World Series teams that use Demarini bats, like Arizona State, have nobody swinging a CF4 or CF3. My guess is that these advanced players do not like the extremely light feel of the CF4/CF3 and are looking for a little more mass.The Adult -3 model has a retail price of $399.99. I still think the CF3 is a very viable option on the discount racks.

  • Demarini Vendetta C6: This is where Demarini is using their brain. The Vendetta C6 is Demarini’s first attempt at a second tier composite baseball bat. With the high cost of composite bats it’s critical for manufacturers to offer a second tier model. The all new Vendetta C6 is a two-piece single wall bat with a flex handle, balanced design and Demarini’s second tier (C6) composite material. The Adult -3 model retails for $299 which puts it in the same price range as the other second tier composite bats. This is a solid option in this category.

Demarini Hybrid Bats

  • Demarini Voodoo Black: Two-piece single wall bat with a flex handle that features “Pitch Black Plus” technology and a balanced design. The barrel is the same SC4 alloy as the Vendetta SC4 but it retails for an additional $50 at $299 for the Adult -3 model. This is by far Demarini’s most popular bat. As mentioned, teams like Arizona State that use Demarini bats overwhelmingly use the Voodoo. The entire Arizona State starting line-up used the Voodoo in the 2009 CWS. The Voodoo is my recommendation for high cost hybrid bats.

  • Demarini Vendetta SC4: The Vendetta SC4 is the same as the 2009 Vendetta model. It’s a two-piece single wall bat with a flex handle, a balanced design and includes their “Rails Hybrid” technology. It has the same SC4 alloy barrel as the Voodoo. It has a retail price of $249 for the Adult -3 model. The only difference between this and the Voodoo is the inclusion of the Pitch Black plus and Silver Trace technology that’s on the Voodoo. A decent option for the low cost hybrid category.

  • Demarini Vexxum: The Vexxum had a late arrival for the 2010 model season making its arrival in June. It has the same SC4 alloy barrel as their other hybrid models and a C6 composite handle. The only difference between the Vexxum and the others is the C6 handle which is Demarini’s older composite material. With a retail price of $199 for the Adult -3 model this is hands down the best option for anyone looking for a lower priced hybrid baseball bat.

Demarini Alloy Bats

  • Demarini’s only entry in the 100% alloy segment is the Nitro. It’s a basic bat made from older material at a bargain basement price of $99 for the Adult -3 model.

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5 Responses to “2010 Demarini Baseball Bats”

  1. 1
    Sheldon Says:

    In the 2008 Little League World Series the CF3 was the bat of choice. You can not look at the cost of the bat but only the performance. the bat performed like the Combat B1 in the 2007 LLWS.

  2. 2
    Brian Says:

    My son is 12 and today in practice he sawed his DeMarini Vendetta in half just below the rails and above the tape of the handle, a clean straight break.  Never got a chance to use the bat in a game so I think we are going to move into another model of bat.

  3. 3
    Bryan Says:

    I play in an adult league and I too sawed a 33/30 2010 Vendetta with the rails off right below the transition part of carbon to alloy.
    Very disheartening to lose a brand new bat after 15 games.
    I did hit a homerun the week before,but I’m almost positive I’m buying an Easton for next year.
    I’m 35 year old.

  4. 4
    Bret Says:

    Bought the vexxum (picture above) for this summer, have been thru 2 this year and they’re the worst bats I’ve had. First one went sea in the first three weeks and they sent a “replacement” which has the same exact problem of vibrating and being dead. I’ve always been a big debating person but this bat was terrible

  5. 5
    Cole Says:

    I’ve always been a voodoo guy it has always treated me well, my dad is thinking about a CF4, and i might go to it, but that is because i have had each year of voodoos for a long time. CF4’s and Voodoo’s are the way to go depending on your price range. I am a 13 year old Jr. High player.

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